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An Armed Society Is a Polite Society   (Robert A. Heinlein - 1948)
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Have it your way

We are firearms trainers focused on NRA Licence to Carry classes and defensive hansgun classed and clinics. We offer both private and group classes.  All of our classes focus on Marksmanship, Manipulations and Mind Set.  While we may discuss some tactical issues, we do not specifically teach tactics. We will also be selling selected shooting and training gear that we have found to be useful. There are many instructors that take a one-size-fits-all approach.  In our experience this means that the approach does not fit anyone very well.  At An Armed Society, you can have our training your way and not the way that someone else has decided is best for you.   For example, we do not care if you shoot in the Weaver stance,  the Isosceles  stance, or somewhere between the two.  Al we care about is that you shoot well. Please visit our Web Store or our Blog by clicking the button below.
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